Find below all of our definitions around 2020 Cruise Ship Charges.

  • GT

    Means Gross Tons/Gross Tonnage as defined by the International Convention on the tonnage measurement of ships (1969). In the case of unregistered vessels, Orthios, or its Agents, at its discretion, estimate a GT figure for the application of any GT-based charges.

  • Berth Dues

    Applicable to all vessels calling alongside, and for anchoring, at the jetty. 

  • Day

    Starts from midnight, a period of 24 hours, or any part thereof.

  • Bank and Public Holidays (Wales and England)

    Including New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May, Spring, Summer, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

  • Cargo Dues

    Charged for the transfer of cargo, between ships or between ship and shore, but do not include stevedoring and other ancillary charges. 

  • Bunkering Surcharge

    Fuel provided by third parties will be subject to a surcharge (to be clarified on request).

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