The Eco Park - Holyhead, Anglesey

We began transforming Anglesey’s 230-acre former aluminium works into a green industrial park in 2015, seeing it as the ideal place to demonstrate sustainable solutions to climate change by fully integrating waste processing with renewable energy production in an economically viable, socially responsible and eco-conscious way.

The site is unique in the region, benefitting from excellent road, rail and sea transport links, a multitude of multi-purpose buildings, large areas of hard-standing, its own switching yard and 24-hour security, set within many acres of wildlife habitat and natural scenery.

One of Orthios’s major projects involves creating five x 30 MWe green energy centres on an area of the site which already has consent for a power station.

These will supply power to the National Grid while also supporting large battery storage, green data centres and the group’s other sustainable living projects.

The economic bounce-back made possible by these developments is already underway, with the creation of scores of worthwhile, full-time, jobs, including the employment and training of apprentices from the generation which will be required to continue addressing the climate and sustainability challenges left to them by the past. 

Aerial tour

Start the video to enjoy a drone’s eye view of the site.

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