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We believe a net zero carbon future is possible and that businesses like ours can play a major part in this. We have already taken the low impact approach to preparing our site – re-purposing existing buildings rather than building afresh and favouring local companies and suppliers to reduce the emissions caused by travel.

Now we are on target to revolutionise the way in which waste is treated. By inventing and adopting new technologies we know can convert what is currently dumped as useless rubbish into fuels, heat and by-products which will help to bring about a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future.

We are starting with Plastics-2-Oil but several other projects are in development including electricity generation, battery storage, e-charging, and aquaculture – all in line with the Orthios team’s determination to become a fully carbon neutral operation by 2030 – 15 years ahead of the UK target.

We are also giving hope to young people. Firstly, by employing local apprentice and equipping them with skills which will let them stay in the region, working on projects which will secure them and their descendants a greener future. Secondly, by proving there are business minds willing to take on the climate change challenge.


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