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Empowering Youth

Zero Carbon 

We believe that setting a net zero target is important for all businesses and gives our growing team the right signal to examine our business processes and then initiate business change.

The Orthios team are currently working on their long term zero carbon proposals to aim at being a carbon zero business by 2030.

Custodian of the Planet

We are all custodians on the planet. We each have a duty to care for, and respect, the world that we live in. This is to ensure that biodiversity and habitats are not lost, rainforests are not deforested and that the future of the Mother Earth is not compromised for generations to come. 

We must all interact and operate in a way that sits in harmony with nature. This is what Orthios strives to achieve. 

Empowering Youth

We are concerned that the picture painted of the future in terms of climate change sometimes is so pessimistic it almost makes people want people to give up!! We have to engender a positive attitude to the numerous issues heading our way. and do everything we can to empower individuals to make a difference.

The Orthios team believe that it isn’t too late to turn climate change around, but we are increasingly concerned at the rapid rise in global temperatures and the lack of momentum on a world political stage. 

We believe that ultimately the change has to come from the business community with a sustained call to action from the youth and voting public.

We believe that some of the worlds new climate change alliances, along with the established NGOs, are a really positive development, from the point of view that they are generally supported by an active youth that are mobilising to shift the political agenda and policies that are generally seen to be stalled by an ageing political class and industry magnates with a vested interest in keeping things as they are.

The likes of Greta Thunberg are an amazing example of climate change enlightenment, and a positive sign of what the next educated and problem solving generation could achieve. When they eventually take control of the institutions that have resisted for so long tackling climate change issues, we will see real change.


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