Delivering local solutions for

global climate change challenges

Here at Orthios, we strive to revolutionise the way we interact with our natural environment, with a particular focus on the disposal of waste and generation of renewable energy resources. By implementing state of the art technologies, we can transform the industry and realise our vision:

To innovate and solve the climate crisis

This goal will be reached once an economically, politically and socially viable model for sustainability is created. Our journey towards developing this model forms the foundation of all the work that we do here at Orthios. Our Mission statement guides us toward achieving our ultimate goal:

Implementing innovative solutions to the climate crisis by processing waste in ways which generate energy and reclaim re-usable components

With a rapidly growing population, the increasing demand on Earth’s finite resources forces us, as humans, to find alternative ways to provide solutions to energy, food security, waste management and employment.

The initiatives at Orthios offer such solutions to addressing the climate crisis, whilst providing social benefits such as job security and boosting the local economy. We believe that investing in future generations is the key toward a sustainable future in which every resource is utilised to its maximum capacity.  

Video tour

Please enjoy a drone survey of the Park below.

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